You want to feel
  • Radiant
  • Energised
  • Glowing and gorgeous
  • Deeply comfortable in your own skin

It’s not superficial. It’s not impossible. It’s your birthright.

And modern day toxicity is stealing it from you.

The 18 Day Cleanse is a super-low inflammatory diet, lifestyle and supplementation plan designed and supported by expert Naturopath Stefanie Kerwin.

The Cleanse guides you step by step back into a body that feels loved, nourished and ready to support you to live your best life.

Stefanie Kerwin 18 Day Cleanse
What is toxicity?

Toxicity is a modern health epidemic. We are bombarded by toxins from:


Water supplies

Industrial emissions

Household emissions


Nutritional imbalances

Genetic variations

This overload presents as the most common symptoms affecting our lives today. Symptoms that we have been battling through or medicating over for too long.

Why cleanse?

The 18 Day Cleanse offers your clients an incredible opportunity to press reset on their health. The programme supports gentle detoxification focussing on the liver and gallbladder setting participants on a journey to:

  • Abundant energy
  • Restful sleep
  • Healthy bowel function
  • Glowing skin
  • Weight regulation
  • Conquered cravings
  • Improved mood
Your 18 Day Cleanse includes
  • 4 clinician selected naturopathic supplements lasting up to 8 weeks – well beyond your cleanse for continued nutritional support
  • The 70-page 18 Day Cleanse Guide
  • Over 50 vegetarian and vegan recipes
  • Daily Email support
  • Toxicity and Stress handout and questionnaire
  • A delicious cleanse tea
  • Daily step by step instructions for detoxification techniques to use at home
  • 14-Days of Suggested Meals
  • An easy to use meal planner and shopping list
  • Food Diary
  • Facebook group access with daily clinician contributions
  • Access to a special graduate Facebook group for continued support
  • 18 Day Cleanse online programme with added bonuses
  • Plus a FREE email consultation with expert Naturopath Stefanie Kerwin

Make a commitment to allowing your body the pause it craves to heal itself.

Make a commitment to your best health

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