Testimonials - Our clients have good things to say, so will yours
Christine A

I highly recommend this cleanse. I can struggle with energy levels and alcohol cravings when my emotions waver. By the end of the program, I felt peaceful and balanced with no cravings and even lost 6 pounds. My bowel regularity was fantastic and I felt ready for the summer! The biggest challenge for me was committing to learning new recipes and finding the time to cook. I loved the recipes and have incorporated many into my weekly meal plan. The cleanse was: a mind and body clean up and clear out!

Billee S

I was more interested in cleansing my body rather than weight loss but I was more than happy to lose half a stone during the cleanse.

The best thing for me is that I learnt during the transition week (week 2) what foods my body doesn’t like and by reintroducing certain foods I had immediate weight gain and joint pain the following day.  Since eliminating these foods out of my diet, the joint pain that I thought was just old age has now disappeared.  I’m delighted!

I intend repeating this programme again in the future as I felt the full benefits of following this regime.

Isabel M

I found the detox programme very easy to follow. The information provided is really detailed and that makes it easy to understand.  Shopping lists are provided and amazing recipes to try, lots of sweet alternatives which worked for a sugar addict such as myself.   Every aspect is covered, with comprehensive information throughout, and beautifully presented too.  The daily emails and supportive messages and videos are so encouraging. For me, it was like a training course where I learnt how to eat well and bring in the many aspects of self-care suggested.  I don’t really make time to cook for myself, but this gave me kick start I needed along with the joy of being back in my kitchen!  Having experienced many fasting retreats over the last 12 years I wasn’t sure how this kind of programme would work for me as I have always believed that I need to be away from all temptation to be able to detox! I also believed that I needed to fast on juice for it to be successful and lose weight.  However, I now know different, and am totally sold on this programme. I have already implemented many aspects and recipes into my daily life. I would without hesitation do it again, and again!

I highly recommend it for everyone, experienced detoxers or newbies.  I would add that the main secret to success for me was following it as closely to instruction as I could and ensuring that I was well prepared with advance preparation of food.  Also, read it a couple of times before you start. I followed it for only 9 of the 14 days but still managed to lose 7 pounds.  I felt vibrant and full of energy.  Hand on heart it is one of the best things I have ever tried!


This was a very easy and effective detox programme.  One of the easiest I’ve managed to follow! The first week was the hardest for me, with lack of energy, bowel changes, skin changes etc.  After the first week passed, my body started to feel different. It was a slow progress detox, I wasn’t aware of most of the changes until I started reflecting on my progress. It very quickly addressed some IBS issues I was having within the first week.  The most noticeable difference for me is that I now have more energy than I’ve had in a long time. Especially at the gym, where I always used to struggle with 20 mins of cardio, and suddenly, for the first time in 2 years, I can do 30 mins easily. Definitely one that I shall be doing again next year.

Kelly T

Stefanie recommended that I complete the 18 Day Cleanse because I was looking for help to reduce hot flushes.  She explained that the first thing to do was to spring clean my liver and stop eating foods that may be causing problems to my hormones.

My night sweats had been getting gradually worse over the past 6 months and I had tried a few home remedies which didn’t help much.  Within 10 days of starting the 18 Day Cleanse I saw a reduction in my night sweats and hot flushes.  I finished the cleanse 2 weeks ago and I invested in a consultation with Stefanie and she has given me some herbs to help with menopause.  I can’t believe how different I feel!  I have more energy, my hot sweats have reduced so far over 50% and I have really noticed a difference in my skin.  Just sleeping more has been a life saver!  I actually wake up feeling half human now!  I couldn’t recommend this detox more it’s been a great way to change my eating habits.  I’ve lost 5 pounds too!  But it feels like more as my clothes are much looser.

I couldn’t recommend Stefanie’s packages more.  Very professional and easy to follow.  Thank you so much.

Dannielle T

I wanted to thank you, Stefanie, for advising me to complete your 18 Day Cleanse.  In the first 3 days, I had a headache and massive cravings for bread and anything sweet.  By day 4, I noticed the changes – I was able to go to the toilet easily, my stomach wasn’t bloated, I had more energy and I felt happier and less stressed.  By the end of the detox, I was so happy that my skin was looking amazing!  I had even lost 7 pounds!  I had some swelling and pain in my fingers that also cleared up and the fuzzy feeling in my head wasn’t there. I found the supplements and detox powder easy to take and it even tasted pleasant!

I will be doing one of Stefanie’s cleanses every 3 months, as she recommended, as I want to feel this good all year round!

So grateful

Claire C

The best thing about the cleanse was….An opportunity to break out of bad habits and become more fully aware of what I’m putting in my body. It was great to have so many meals and snack options to choose from. I felt an increased feeling of renewed energy and aliveness, And the clarity of thinking which I hadn’t had since having a baby over 3 years ago. The changes I noticed from doing the cleanse are…..I noticed how I stopped polishing off my little boys’ leftovers, which I’d been doing almost unconsciously, rather than put them in the dustbin. I felt slimmer and less bloated. I stopped reaching for quick-fix snacks and now choose something more nourishing and satisfying.  Some of the new good habits have stayed with me. The goals checklist was really motivational to keep going and can be still used after the cleanse has finished. I didn’t miss sugar and didn’t crave it which surprised me. I wanted to stay eating this way longer than the suggested cleanse programme. I’d expected to want to get back to eating the ‘stodgy/sugary foods but wasn’t so bothered.’I actually enjoyed doing it and now I’ve done it once can do it again and again as can keep the information for life. Stefanie’s support was really encouraging and motivational and her posts and messages came in at just the right time. I’ve done a few cleanses and detoxes over the years and I really felt the benefit of this one and was pleased I could fit it around working and caring for my son as the guidelines were so clearly presented and I was encouraged to be prepared, make space for me and I even got up a bit earlier to prepare my food. It was an act of self-care and ultimately self-kindness.

This isn’t a cleanse of deprivation. The food is healthy and energy giving so the mindset behind it is also healthy and energy boosting. Thank you! With deep love, respect and gratitude.

Heidi D

This cleanse reset my eating and got me back on track. The best thing about the 18 Day Cleanse for me was being in a group for support and I loved Stefanie’s videos that she posts in the group teaching us so many useful points and the daily email support was invaluable. I lost weight and felt much less bloated and my bowels were working fabulously!

Huge thank you.

Helen S

I loved the food plan and all the recipes suited me 100%, plus I liked that I could add meat as and when. After the first few days, I noticed I had more energy and did not feel hungry at all after having the chia seed breakfast.  I also used the sauna a lot over the 2 weeks and it was really good to give my body a break from alcohol.

I also lost 7 pounds!

Greeba Powell – Naturopath

As a Naturopath and Yoga Teacher, I highly recommend the 18 Day Cleanse.

I frequently see clients who struggle with low energy levels, food cravings, digestive issues and overall not thriving as they would like to be. The cleanse is an excellent tool to offer as part of their care.

The support provided by Stefanie is excellent.  She provided me with everything I needed including advertising materials that I could put my own branding on. It was very straight forward.

I have been using Stefanie’s Naturopathic programmes with my clients for over 5 years and was very excited when I heard she was launching the 18 Day Cleanse.  I immediately tried it personally, and had fantastic results.

Most of my clients have who have completed the cleanse lost between 6-8lbs and report significant improvement in their health, vitality and energy levels.  The recipes are beautiful, and I have incorporated many into my personal weekly meal plan.

If you are looking for a professional, supported and easy to follow cleanse for your clients – this is a fantastic option.

I am looking forward to running a group cleanse soon for my yoga clients, and it is a great way to build my business, my reputation and the service I offer to my clients.

Holly Livesy– Naturopath

Since introducing this cleanse program into my naturopathic clinic, my client base has grown considerably.

Many of my clients have been delighted by the reduction of general muscle and joint pain since completing the program, which has led to numerous referrals of new clients.

Increased energy levels, decreased food cravings and weight loss results are consistent and continue to impress me. My clients have been able to integrate diet and lifestyle tools from the cleanse into daily life and are all maintaining their weight loss and reporting great improvements in their general wellbeing.

I feel proud to be using such a professional and holistic program in my clinic and have always been pleased with the level of practitioner support offered by Stefanie. I am sure that I will continue to use the cleanse program to complement the treatments I offer in my clinic.