18 DAY HORMONE CLEANSE – BUY NOW for £397 (FULL payment) ***COMING SOON!***


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18 Day Hormone Cleanse package £397




Your 18 Day Hormone Cleanse Includes the Following:


  • Daily Support: You get to hang out with naturopathic experts for a whopping 18 days! We know we’re crazy but we’ve see first-hand how our patients thrive with daily support.
  • Cleanse Guide: Beautifully illustrated 18 Day Cleanse Guide with all the information you need – it’s a hormone balancing essential guide with practical tools and tips for ongoing emotional and physical wellbeing.
  • Emotional Accountability & Health Check: Emotional health check. Effective tools and strategies to improve stress, anxiety, overwhelmed and depression.
  • Practitioner Only Supplements: Practitioners only supplements prescribed especially for you to support where you are on your hormonal journey. These supplements will be supporting liver detoxification, hormone regulation, nervous system, adrenal and thyroid glands and optimise your nutrient levels. You are going to feel amazing!
  • 18 Day Cleanse Recipe Book: Recipe Book jam packed full of delicious new recipes, using food as medicine to support your hormones.
  • Easy To Follow Shopping Lists & Meal Plans: Shopping Lists & Meal Plans that save you valuable time that can be downloaded to your phone.
  • Cleanse Welcome Pack: Cleanse Welcome Pack! Open your front door to a beautiful delivered box with your resources, supplements, tea and some lovely treats to nurture you through the cleanse.
  • Daily Support Emails: Daily emails with easy and practical tips to enhance your cleanse experience and to help keep you on track.
  • Masterclasses: We have lined up some amazing speakers to talk to you about hormonal related topics to help you thrive through the years ahead.
  • Join The Tribe! Your tribe! Our community of like-minded women motivate, inspire, share, and achieve maximum transformation together. Women are so powerful in numbers and together the community works magic. This will be held in a private Facebook group.


Disclaimer – The 18 Day Cleanse is a professional Nutritional Cleanse Programme that includes Practitioner Only Products. Upon purchase, you will be required to complete an online health questionnaire and your health suitability will be assessed by a qualified Naturopath through on online consultation before you are accepted onto the programme or any products are sent to you. Should we decide that you are not a suitable candidate for the cleanse, we will contact you and discuss other options and a full refund will be available before the start of the cleanse.


3 reviews for 18 DAY HORMONE CLEANSE – BUY NOW for £397 (FULL payment) ***COMING SOON!***

  1. Heidi

    Felt great after doing this cleanse a couple of years ago so going to it again for some guidance and inspiration to be the healthiest version of myself 🙂

  2. Isabel

    I’m not normally a fan of many of the cleanses that are out there, however having a bit of a sweet tooth, I like to try the odd Liver cleanses that are about every now and again (and I’ve tried a few)

    This one has now shot up to be one of my favorite Liver cleanses of all time!

    Within the first week, my energy had increased, my sleep has improved, my hypothyroidism symptoms have all but dropped away, skin is amazing and as an added bonus I’ve lost a little lockdown weight! PMT? Barely noticed it this month! I’m quite strict with my food anyway due to IBS, however, there hasn’t even been the slightest of grumbles in 3 weeks!

    The cleanse itself is easy to do. Everything is provided for you in the book – shopping list, meal plans, recipes – it’s all very easy to follow, you don’t have to think or wonder what you’re going to eat or drink. It’s a nice regimented approach for someone like me.

    The Facebook support group also gives extra recipes, emotional and mental support videos, tips, and suggested exercises. You really are carried through the whole thing in a supported way.

    This cleanse has improved little bits of my life in lots of different ways. I’ve still managing to avoid sugar (never in a million years did I think that would happen!) and I’m still preparing most of the breakfasts and meals in my daily routine.

    If you want a snapshot of what it’s like to feel and be healthy, then I urge you to try this cleanse. It’s only 18 days!

  3. Voirrey

    I loved this cleanse. I came out of lockdown feeling tired, bloated, over reliant on caffeine and reaching for carbs. I wanted a reset, something to get me back on the right path and to instill healthy and sustainable habits.

    This cleanse did all of this and more. My husband also decided to join me which definitely helped to keep us both on track. My daughter fell in love with some new foods, picked up plenty of Gluten-free and dairy-free knowledge and we enjoyed preparing the different meals, snacks and smoothies. Couple this with better sleep, clarity of mind, more energy and better skin (oh and a few pounds and inches lost), and you have a winning combination.

    Stef supports you all the way, through daily emails, videos and check-ins, as well as guest speakers in her private Facebook group. I’m so glad I jumped in and gave it a go, my emotional eating has stopped, my daily eating habits have changed dramatically and I’m seeing ongoing benefits as a result.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this programme.

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