About Stefanie Kerwin

Stefanie Kerwin BHSc WHM, Adv Dip Hom Cleanse Founder, Naturopath

Stefanie Kerwin is an experienced specialist Naturopathic Clinician with over 15 years of clinical experience and is a proud Mother to her beautiful son. She is deeply passionate about supporting, educating, inspiring and empowering women of all ages and stages with their reproductive, physical, and mental health.

She currently runs a busy clinical practice in the Isle of Man (Great Britain), and previously in Brisbane, Australia. She is the founder of 18 Day Cleanse and the co-founder of Aurora Wellness with her husband, Acupuncturist Paul Kerwin.

Alongside her clinical practice, Stefanie is also well known for running and designing nutritional cleanse programs and has supported thousands of women to successfully complete her programs and then celebrate the life changing results and balance this brings to their lives.


Now in her mid-forties, Stefanie is on a mission to make her community aware that Hormonal Imbalances and Perimenopause doesn’t have to feel like the road to hell! She is changing the conversation, attitude, mindset, cliches and norms around the female aging process and has a huge calling to educate women, that whilst hormonal imbalances and the many symptoms are common – they are NOT NORMAL. These symptoms are our bodies way of letting us know that something is out of balance.


Stefanie is absolutely committed in supporting women in ‘getting back to basics’, strongly advocating that stress management, food as medicine, safe and effective detoxification, optimal gut health and obtaining and maintaining an optimal pH balance is fundamental to health and balanced hormones. She loves educating and inspiring her clients to heal their bodies and genuinely cares about her community and their wellbeing.

Stefanie also provides education and 5-day health reset programs to the corporate market, and mentorship and training to her peers. She has been a speaker at both public and industry complimentary medicine conferences in the UK and Australia and is a passionate advocate for the Complimentary Therapy Industry and the integration of Western and Natural Medicine to ensure a healthier, brighter, and abundant future for all.

Dear Hormonal Woman,

I’m in a really good place with my hormones aged 45 years young and I am feeling fabulous both emotionally and physically. In fact I feel the healthiest I have ever felt in my life!

Why? Because for years now I have had a sneak peek into my future perimenopausal self and I didn’t always like what I saw. In the past I have had intense PMS & anxiety and depression around my cycle, heavy bleeding and clots where I had to wear a nappy like pad to bed. I’ve had the breast pain, migraines, the feeling too hot, the itching, the feeling floored after each period. And I can assure you whilst these symptoms are common, they are NOT NORMAL. Now I have fixed up all these intense symptoms and enjoy a life with healthy hormones! We are now friends my hormones and I.

In the past 17 years since being a Naturopath I have supported, educated, empowered and rescued women of all ages and stages with their hormonal and reproductive health. It has been an absolute honour to sit down with these beautiful women discussing their menstrual cycles, peri/menopause, infertility, crazy hormones, reproductive diseases, emotional health, low libido and everything in between.

The conversations have been full of insight, tears, laughter, worry, frustration, hope, strategies and solutions. These unique and courageous women have given me so many personal and professional insights along the way. It’s truly been my honour to support them all.

“Will You Be My Next Success Story?”

For years I have been supporting my clients both in 1:1 consultations and in group cleanse programmes. I am the owner and creator of the highly successful 18 Day Cleanse and during the cleanses I was blown away with the feedback from women on how the cleanse had a MASSIVE impact on their hormones – it was INCREDIBLE! I knew then that I had to fully understand the reason why the results were so profound and how I could improve and sustain the results even more! 

So, I threw myself completely into research, trying to figure out all the ins and outs of hormonal imbalances and perimenopause and how I could improve the 18 Day Cleanse to be more specific for women with hormonal imbalances. 

I also wanted to take my client’s experiences, pain, lessons, challenges, treatment strategies and success stories to create a life changing road map to support all my current existing clients, and 1000’s more beautiful women with their reproductive transition.

And this is how the 18 Day Hormone Cleanse was born!