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START TO FEEL Radiant, Energised, Glowing and Deeply Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Perfectly balanced 18 Day Cleanse programme by Stefanie Kerwincertified Naturopath.
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Do you want to feel...

Lighter in your body
Glowing and gorgeous inside and out
Energised with abundant energy
Less bloated with healthy digestion
The 18 Day Cleanse will gently support you as you:
  • Free yourself from sugar cravings

  • Wake up energised – No caffeine jump start required

  • Beat bloating and gas as your digestive system calms and repairs

  • Master relaxation and detoxification techniques you can use for life

  • Rediscover your skins natural luminescence

  • Feel lighter, leaner and more in sync with your body

It’s not superficial. It’s not impossible. It’s your birth right. And modern day toxicity is stealing it from you.


The 18 Day Cleanse guides you step by step through a diet, lifestyle and supplementation programme to bring you back into a body that feels loved, nourished and ready to support you to live your best life.

Stefanie Kerwin 18 Day Cleanse

Stefanie Kerwin

Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Homoeopath

Stefanie Kerwin BHSc WHM, Adv Dip Hom

Naturopathic Clinician, Medical Herbalist, Homoeopath, Educator

With over 13 years’ experience running her Naturopathic clinic both in Australia (Brisbane) and the UK (Isle of Man), Stefanie Kerwin has attracted a large following of clients and Naturopaths around the world.

Stefanie has a particular interest in ‘getting back to basics’, strongly advocating that food as medicine, safe and effective detoxification and optimising nutrition is fundamental to living a healthy life and preventing dis-ease.

Stefanie has written 2 Naturopathic Cleanse Programmes which have benefited thousands of people around the world.  She is now delighted to be offering the 18 Day Cleanse which harnesses all the basic naturopathic principles of cleansing techniques, lifestyle choices, dietary guidance and include world class naturopathic medicines to support safe and effective detoxifcation.

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— reasons to work with me —

Amazing Results!

The natural, easiest cleanse programme that works with you.

Proven results
Long lasting health benefits
Amazing chef tested recipes
Easy to follow meal plans
Top quality naturopathic supplements, vitamins & minerals
Daily support throughout your cleanse

Real people. Real results.

Check out what clients say about my programmes!

— questions & answers —

Common Questions
When will I see first results?
Most people notice a substantial difference within the first week, but achieve optimal results within 10 days.
Will I have a personal coach?
Stefanie will support you and answer any questions you may have in the private Facebook group throughout your cleanse
Are your programmes safe for my health?
Absolutely! The online consultation is done before you start to ensure this is perfect for you. If necessary adjustments will be made to your protocol for optimal results
Do I have to exercise?
No! But regular exercise is an important part of any healthy lifestyle. During a cleanse I encourage gentle exercise to support your body and mind. A brisk daily walk, dancing and yoga are perfect examples. I also include 2 x 4-minute interval training to really help to reset your metabolism – you’ll love it!
Will I lose weight?
Although this is not a formal weight loss programme, so far 100% of participants have lost weight – this varies between 4-10lb for most people depending on how much they have to lose. Most common is 8lb. I’ll teach you how to keep it off too!

— invest in YOU! —

Your Investment
Stefanie Kerwin

Stefanie Kerwin

Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Homoeopath, Educator
“My wish is to support you to feel abundantly healthy, optimise your health and have the health you deserve.”

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Christine A

I highly recommend this cleanse. I can struggle with energy levels and alcohol cravings when my emotions waver. By the end of the program, I felt peaceful and balanced with no cravings and even lost 6 pounds. My bowel regularity was fantastic and I felt ready for the summer! The biggest challenge for me was committing to learning new recipes and finding the time to cook. I loved the recipes and have incorporated many into my weekly meal plan. The cleanse was: a mind and body clean up and clear out!

Billee S

I was more interested in cleansing my body rather than weight loss but I was more than happy to lose half a stone during the cleanse.

The best thing for me is that I learnt during the transition week (week 2) what foods my body doesn’t like and by reintroducing certain foods I had immediate weight gain and joint pain the following day.  Since eliminating these foods out of my diet, the joint pain that I thought was just old age has now disappeared.  I’m delighted!

I intend repeating this programme again in the future as I felt the full benefits of following this regime.

Isabel M

I found the detox programme very easy to follow. The information provided is really detailed and that makes it easy to understand.  Shopping lists are provided and amazing recipes to try, lots of sweet alternatives which worked for a sugar addict such as myself.   Every aspect is covered, with comprehensive information throughout, and beautifully presented too.  The daily emails and supportive messages and videos are so encouraging. For me, it was like a training course where I learnt how to eat well and bring in the many aspects of self-care suggested.  I don’t really make time to cook for myself, but this gave me kick start I needed along with the joy of being back in my kitchen!  Having experienced many fasting retreats over the last 12 years I wasn’t sure how this kind of programme would work for me as I have always believed that I need to be away from all temptation to be able to detox! I also believed that I needed to fast on juice for it to be successful and lose weight.  However, I now know different, and am totally sold on this programme. I have already implemented many aspects and recipes into my daily life. I would without hesitation do it again, and again!

I highly recommend it for everyone, experienced detoxers or newbies.  I would add that the main secret to success for me was following it as closely to instruction as I could and ensuring that I was well prepared with advance preparation of food.  Also, read it a couple of times before you start. I followed it for only 9 of the 14 days but still managed to lose 7 pounds.  I felt vibrant and full of energy.  Hand on heart it is one of the best things I have ever tried!


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